Departments under the Institute of Research and Development

1. Department of Administration

It is a central working unit of the Institute that is responsible for correspondence and documents, finance, procurement, document typing, and coordination with various organizations both inside and outside the university. The Department of Administration is also responsible for welcoming researchers, representatives of funding sources and foreign guests who come to visit the Institute and for dealing with other assigned tasks.


2. Department of Research Results Dissemination

The Department is responsible for organizing research training, seminars and special lectures, disseminating research results, producing research papers, and  for publishing  the Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology.


3. Department of Research Coordination

The Department is responsible for the research coordination of the university, making the Institute policies and plans, coordinating  specific research projects, following up and evaluating research projects, making project proposals for supporting funds, and coordinating between university researchers and foreign supporting funds.


4. Department of Research Information 

The Department is responsible for the research database and register, providing a register of research papers, creating a website homepage to disseminate the research data of the university, providing a service of research data searching for individuals and different organizations, providing a service for research data processing and analyzing, and collecting and preparing a database of research funding sources both inside and outside Thailand. The Department is also responsible for producing research papers, for example annual reports, research abstracts, a directory of research funding sources, etc.

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